Welcome to my Photography Journal

The purpose for creating this separate journal site was to have a platform where I could express and share photographic thoughts, tips and information learned from my experiences, and from others, about the taking, saving, editing and sharing of photographs - without 'cluttering up' my Photo Gallery site. It is my hope that other amateur photographers like myself, will be able to find information and tips that will be helpful in improving their picture taking and photographic skills. Let me start by saying this ...


Journal Entry for Wednesday, July 28th

Photo TipsToday’s Photo Tip: Understanding ISO. One of the three pillars of photography referred to as the “Exposure Triangle” (the other two being Aperture and Shutter Speed), every photographer needs to thoroughly understand ISO to get the most out of their equipment. It's one of the most prominently featured specifications of any modern digital camera, and it's one single aspect that can make a night-and-day difference in the outcome of your shots. Click here to read this photo tip … Understanding ISO.


Journal Entry for Sunday, July 21st

Photo TipsToday’s Photo Tip: If you’re one of those photographers that still leave the white balance selection on your camera set to the AWB (automatic white balance), you need to read this photo tip. Learning what white balance really is and how to properly use this control can have a profound effect on your photos. What you don't know about white balance can kill an image. Click here to learn more about White Balance … Understanding White Balance.


Today’s Musing - Digital Camera Sensor Size

chimp-thinkingThinking about buying a high-end digital camera? Purchasing a quality digital camera today can be a daunting experience. Similar to the cellphones, tablets and laptops, advances in the technology for making cameras and lenses is moving so rapidly, it makes zeroing in on a purchase seem like you are selecting a moving target. However, regardless of the type and style of camera you choose, or its feature set, the one single factor that determines a camera’s ability to capture great pictures is the size of its digital sensor. Hopefully this post will help you to better understand this all important feature and the options available to you. Check it out here … Digital Camera Sensor Size.